The Ultimate Tempe Experience

  • The Ultimate Tempe Experience

Client:  DTA, TCA, TTO

Challenge:          With multiple marketing and communications objectives aligned for one world-class destination, Bright Brothers brought together three different clients to join forces for the benefit of all parties involved. The Downtown Tempe Authority, the Tempe Center for the Arts and the Tempe Tourism Office share overlapping physical footprints, as well as the need to grow their respective email databases and social media presences with qualified fans and followers.

Solution:             Bright Brothers architected a triple play promotion whereby all three partners teamed up to kick in prizes for a massive sweepstakes called the Ultimate Tempe Experience. The campaign ran for the month of April 2016; designed to tell Tempe’s story as a destination with myriad artistic, cultural, social and urban offerings, while engaging guests/fans to advocate on our behalf in social media.  The campaign consisted of a promotional microsite that hosted a sweepstakes with partner-contributed prize packages, and corresponding advertising, marketing and PR to drive reach and results.

Results:                Bright Brothers reached over 130,000 high-income locals with a Tempe-branded message, resulting in 1,178 visitors sent to partner sites. We acquired 1,293 new emails at a cost of $0.38 per address for each of the partners. PR outreach was targeted to 25 publications in two vertical segments, with multiple pick-ups; both local and nationally before and after the promotion. We added 116 new Page likes and 558 new Page engagements for partners on Facebook. Most impressive was our conversion rate of clicks to email sign ups – 31.38% conversion rate! And ultimately, Bright Brothers exceeded an estimated 2-to-1 return, with an ROI of 2.586 on each media dollar spent. We put the “action” in “satisfaction”.