Tempe Tourism Office

Client:  Tempe Tourism Office

Challenge:          Finding qualified talent and engaging speakers who understand your specific business needs and wants can be not only trying, but expensive. The Tempe Tourism Office endeavors to consistently provide value to their members and Board of Directors with relevant speakers at monthly luncheons, and their Annual Board Retreat requires some “big guns” with marketing knack and know-how that keeps the board abreast of the latest in marketing technology and trends.

Solution:             For more than five years, the Tempe Tourism Office has taped Bright Brothers co-founder and marketing strategist, Josh Yeager, to present at their annual Board Retreat. Each year, the two-day off-site is filled with productive meetings, conversations and working sessions that directly impact the members’ businesses. Josh develops a custom  marketing presentation that the Board of Directors consistently find valuable, relevant to their businesses and keep them on top of trends that have the potential to disrupt and change their industry. A proactive approach to awareness and deployment of business strategies and marketing tactics empower attendees to course correct or make change before becoming obsolete.

Results:                “Bright Brothers is very innovative and creative and is especially conscientious about staying on top of current trends.  With their expertise and guidance, we have consistently reached our goals in many areas, including improving web traffic to our site and increasing our interactions on social media.  Bright Brothers is a valuable and respected partner to us at the Tempe Tourism Office.” — Stephanie Nowack, President & CEO, Tempe Convention & Visitors Bureau