Tempe Festival of the Arts

Client:                  Downtown Tempe Authority/Tempe Festival of the Arts

Challenge:          Earned media is often a tricky game of who you know, pulling favors, doing solids and working your contacts.  Outside of a modest advertising budget for the revered bi-annual event, Bright Brothers wanted to ensure the media knew the event was coming, would share our messaging and reach our target audiences, while being conservative with our paid media spends.

Solution:             Bright Brothers devised a marketing plan including 5 distinct campaigns targeted by demographic, psychographics and attitudes, interests & opinions. We created compelling content that media outlets would want to share, and pitched segmented targets multiple times in the weeks and month leading up to the event. We built positive rapport with editors, journalists, TV media and digital media publishers.

Results:          Overall we received very favorable media pick up from our PR outreach and efforts, which included 17 non-paid/earned media pick-ups resulting from our efforts; all representing positive sentiment. Based on average market value, the 17 earned media pieces equate to roughly $85,000 in earned media and exposure for the client.