Tempe Festival of the Arts Videos

  • Tempe Festival of the Arts Videos

Client:  Tempe Festival of the Arts/Downtown Tempe Authority

Challenge:          Cutting through the clutter is always a challenge when it comes to advertising, and shouting a message at someone never works. Engaging with your audience, based on their needs and wants does work, however.

Solution:             Understanding the value of video, and planning for the 2016 Spring Tempe Festival of the Arts, Bright Brothers recommended that the Downtown Tempe Authority shoot plenty of video and B-roll during the 2015 fall festival, in anticipation our needs for the spring campaigns. Bright Brothers then planned the spring campaigns by breaking down our target audiences and having 15 second visual “stories” with branded bumpers created; that showcase the lauded festival’s various aspects. From foodies to Millennials, to Boomers who buy art — we set up multiple campaigns within the Facebook advertising platform and ran video ads targeted to speak to what each segment likes about the festival.

Results:                Bright Brothers blew it outta the water with regard to exceeding reach, impressions and estimated conversions from the video ad campaigns. Compared to the static ad campaigns (which out-performed both the previous year’s campaigns and planned estimates), the video ads proved 58% cheaper than static image ads. Additionally, video ads increased CTR by 382% for our coveted Boomer demo. If a picture says a thousand words, then a video says a million — in 15 seconds or less.