Tempe Center for the Arts

Client:  Tempe Center for the Arts

Challenge:          Marketing is big work and as they say, “it takes a village”. Bright Brothers partners with select clients to be an extension of their in-house marketing team.  While we’re all about strategy, we supply an oft-needed tactical arm that allows our clients to focus on the big picture, while we make it all go seamlessly and effortlessly for them. After seven years without a marketing officer, Tempe Center for the Arts (TCA) needed extra arms, hands and all bodies on deck to get their marketing moving quickly; from general marketing to specialized skillsets — the TCA needed it all to make things move.

Solution:             We partnered with the Marketing and Communications Officer to develop short and long term strategies to jumpstart marketing for the TCA. Then we began enacting on a short-term plan that included community partnerships, social influencers, the community at large, arts lovers & more.

Results:                As you can see in this telling infographic, in conjunction with the TCA we employed programs and campaigns together that tripled their Facebook LIKES, launched Twitter & Instagram accounts, and a new, professional, and mobile-first email program that regularly reaches thousands of opted-in fans and followers. We collaborated with community partners to create a TCA-branded Selfie Station in Downtown Tempe, developed, branded and launched a social influencers social media corps called the “TCA Heroes”, promoted programs, events & happy hours, and successfully sold tickets to shows with a first-ever holiday microsite + associated campaign that reached over 61,000 fans with a 2-to-1 ROI.