Tempe Center for the Arts

Client:  Tempe Center for the Arts

Challenge:          During the Q4 holiday frenzy, it’s tough to cut through the clutter and the noise, and nearly everyone is vying for consumers’ attention and dollars for holiday gifts. Tempe Center for the Arts wanted to run its first-ever holiday promotion to sell tickets to shows and programs on their upcoming calendar, and proving the value of marketing spend was essential.

Solution:             Bright Brothers worked with Tempe Center for the Arts to develop a holiday campaign during the Black Friday weekend (November 28th – 30th, 2015). The deals and offers were highly time-limited and available on a custom microsite built by Bright Brothers. We teased the campaign with several e-blasts to the Center’s database leading up to the launch, and made use of a countdown clock on the website. Fans could see there were offers ahead, but could not access specific information or sales until the unveiling on November 28th. We also supported the sale with time-flighted Facebook ads targeted by interest. Once the sale officially launched, the countdown clock was converted to show the time remaining on offers; creating a sense of urgency and encouraging on-the-spot sales.

Results:                The campaign successfully impacted incremental ticket sales that reached over 61,000 fans with a 2-to-1 ROI.