IDA Winnipeg 2017

  • IDA Winnipeg 2017

Organization:  IDA/Times Square Alliance

Challenge:          Place management districts from around the globe grapple with strategic direction, marketing endeavors, placemaking, clean & safe, homelessness, merchant needs and much more. Sometimes it may seem that the entire community is coming at you with needs, wants, demands, proposed initiatives, legal undertakings, requests for support and financial and resource drains. How do you make sense of it all, while keeping your head above water and keeping your eyes on the prize with your organization’s overarching strategic goals? With so much pressure, it can be easy to lose track and sight of the seemingly smaller things like marketing and social media.

Solution:            Based on the success of last year’s IDA presentation in Atlanta, GA, combined with Bright Brother’s stellar speeches at the BIABC Conference in Nanaimo, Canada in 2017 — the selection committee at the International Downtown Association chose to pair up Bright Brothers with a winning district for the benefit of conference attendees at their 63rd Annual Tradeshow & Conference in Winnipeg, MB. Co-founder David Romako from Bright Brothers will be providing strategic information, tidbits & direction at the conference in a combined presentation with the famed Times Square Alliance from New York City.  Considered one of the premier districts that’s “doing it right”, Times Square has reinvented itself from a derelict drag of low-brow dives, neon lights, tourist traps and unseemly entertainment for sailors in town on shore leave, to one of the most iconic and revered destinations on the planet.

Results:                Strategic planning and tactical implementation are two sisters of any district’s winning formula, and #IDAWPG17 conference attendees in Winnipeg will learn from Times Square Alliance’s social media team paired with Bright Brothers strategic visionaries.  Whether you’re with a place management district, business improvement district/association, convention and visitors bureau or local strategic alliance — you need to attend this session to learn how to develop winning strategies that meets the needs of your organization, as well as your stakeholders and constituents from proven professionals.

Date: July 24, 2017

Category: Consulting, Strategy