High Street

  • High Street

Client:                  High Street

Challenge:          Building a brand is a challenge in & unto itself, and when you’re rebranding from a former, failing district, the stakes are high. To move the needle with public perception and create new one-to-one communication touchpoints can be tough. How do you get the word out that you’re literally bigger, better and brighter than ever before?

Solution:             Negative mentions of the old brand spread through word of mouth, so Bright Brothers turned a weakness into a strength by creating a comprehensive marketing plan that focused on social influence. Shareable social media, actionable email campaigns, and upscale events encouraged people to tell their friends: “Did you see this cool thing on High Street?” Sweepstakes were promoted on social media to build an email database, which in turn drove significant social actions as people shared the contests and events with their friends.

Results:                High Street is now well-established as a district and a destination. Social interactions grow faster every day, driving database growth that drives customers to our merchants. Tens of thousands of well-segmented fans trust and rely on High Street to bring them relevant activations, events and special offers regularly.