Downtown Tempe Authority

Client:                  Downtown Tempe Authority

Challenge:          Taking over the responsibility for pulling off an exceptional decades-old loved and revered New Year’s Eve celebration required strong event branding and campaigns; putting the onus on having fun and making memories back into the hands of the downtown district and no longer outsourcing the event to a 3rd party event management company.

Solution:             Bright Brothers employed its vetted marketing methodology and started at the top by establishing target audiences, client goals & objectives and where those intersect with the fans expectations. We developed a hip, modern and modular branding campaign with eye-catching colors and configurable content components so that the main visual style, appeal and messaging could be easily re-worked for any type of marketing such as cross-street banners, social media ads, print, email and more. We even made and distributed thousands of coasters to the downtown tenants for use to entice their guests to share their New Year’s resolutions with the world in social media.

Results:                The event was a smashing success from the client’s perspective. Ticket sales and attendance surpassed expectations and were exceeded by 30% or roughly 6 thousand more attendees than the stated goal.