Downtown Tempe Authority

  • Downtown Tempe Authority

Client:  Downtown Tempe Authority

Challenge:          Doing things the way you’ve always done them doesn’t cut the mustard. The Downtown Tempe Authority grappled with the sheer number of events, activations, constituents, stakeholders and directions in which they were being pulled. Finding it difficult to see the forest through the trees, and to truly understand the value and merit of where their manpower was being spent, they called in the big guns for help.

Solution:             Bright Brothers held a two-day off-site with the DTA team to educate, empower and lead the organization in a new direction, by teaching them a simple tool; our vetted POSTR process to help them clear a path. Each member of the team contributed, and in employing our methodology combined with their business acumen, together we forged a business-altering shift in approach — and fortified the team with a decision-making process that now clearly and astutely directs all of the agencies initiatives.

Results:                “Bright Brothers introduced and lead our team through an eye-opening strategic offsite. It has literally, without exaggeration, changed the way we do everything.  We are killing some programs because we can justify that they don’t fit and we are rethinking other programs.  It has been probably the single greatest tool that we have applied to our strategic thinking.” — Kate Borders, President and Executive Director, Downtown Tempe Authority