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Challenge:          From runaways and strays to that unfortunate fateful day when Fido jumps the fence — to even worse scenarios, animal control is a serious issue for any municipality. The number of animals brought to any municipal shelter is heartbreaking, and Maricopa County in Arizona is no different. Fortunately for the 36,047 animals brought into Maricopa County Animal Care & Control in FY 2015, 77% were released alive; either back to owners or adoption agencies like the Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) and the Arizona Humane Society (AHS).  Thanks to the thankless efforts of agencies like this, tens of thousands of dogs, cats and other creatures have hope for new lives via these agencies’ noble adoption efforts, outreach & permanent placement.

Solution:             Both of Bright Brothers’ co-founders live enriched lives thanks to adopted dogs from these two local Phoenix-based agencies, yet we knew there was more that could be done. Using the power of social media, Bright Brothers teamed up the agencies and local clients to spearhead spotlight programs helping more animals to be adopted. Each week, our client High Street features a pet for adoption from AHS and shares photos and info on High Street’s social media channels. As one of AAWL’s neighbors, and being a dog-friendly hotel, the Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport Hotel works hand-in-glove with the agency  on a Champion Program to help get senior dogs (who’re less likely to be chosen from the kennels – everyone wants a puppy) placed in “fur-ever homes”.

Results:                According to our contacts at AHS, in 2016 High Street helped 59 pets find new homes. That’s more than one per week! And we understand from our friends at AAWL that 67% of pets profiled by the Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport Hotel have been adopted within a week, meaning dozens of dogs in new homes in 2016 alone! Additionally, for every holiday card that Bright Brothers sent in 2016, we made a small donation to the Arizona Animal Welfare League. What’s your current agency’s pet project?


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