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Client:  Downtown Districts

Challenge:          Every place management district is tasked with providing real value to their city and a diverse group of community stakeholders. That may take the shape of activating public spaces, producing events, creating programs or providing support to merchants and constituents. However, just because you’ve “always done something” doesn’t mean you must continue doing so. Bright Brothers in in the business of working with both businesses within a district, as well as the district itself. With deep experience in restaurant, retail, hospitality, public amenities & attractions, events and placemaking – we have the chops to work within micro and macro levels when it comes to your municipality.

Solution:             Employing a time-honored and vetted consulting process, Bright Brothers tackles strategy for everything from a communications plan to a half-million person event to a $20 Facebook ad with the same consistent approach; and always stellar results. When clients learn and apply our process they’re enabled with new clarity and focus on what really matters, why they’re doing what they do and for whom, and ultimately they now have the tools to measure success. One such client was so elated, that they invited us to speak with them at a renowned annual international conference.

Results:                Bright Brothers’ co-founders David Romako and Josh Yeager teamed up with Kate Borders, President and Executive Director the Downtown Tempe Authority to present at the 62nd Annual International Downtown Association Annual Conference & Tradeshow in Atlanta, GA in September 2016. At the conference the trio shares how Bright Brothers’ proven process changed the way the DTA approaches their organizations, as well as why Downtown Tempe decided to end their 31-year-old New Year’s Eve Block Party. From PMDs to DMOs to BIDs to CVBs, we’re the ones with the big guns to help develop a winning strategy that meets the needs of your organization, as well as your stakeholders and constituents.

Date: September 9, 2016

Category: Branding, Consulting, Training